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Rolex Watches

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    I was at the mall the other day and I walked past the watch store. I always wanted to know what makes a Rolex so expensive. I know they are made out of real gold and diamonds, but there are some nice rolex watches that are all steel with none of the bling. But those are equally expensive, why? I talked to the guy and he explained that the price varies because of the grade of the steel alloy. He said the Rolex uses a 900 series alloy, which is higher grade than medical instruments, basically it will never corrode. Also, he said the watch face is made from sapphire. The only two things that could possibly scratch it is another sapphire, or a diamond. That is pretty cool. I saw this watch in a magazine so I wanted to know how much it costs:

    http://northatlantictime.com/catalog/images/rolex%20-%20daytone2.jpg [Broken]

    Its an amazing watch, but costs $10k. I dont have $10k for a watch, but the question is, if you did have that kind of money, is a Rolex a good investment? Or is it like Bose audio, way over priced for what you're getting?

    Anyways.....damn thats a cool watch........................If every member on PF donates a mere 1 dollar, I can buy it. Come on guys.....dont be cheap.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    About ten years ago I busted my watch while on the way out the door to catch a plane to a jobsite. I had to stop at Radio Shack on the way to the airport, and while there I spotted a Rolex look-alike for about twenty bucks, so I bought it. It was such a good immitation that I had a factory manager make a bet with me calling on my "Rolex watch" as collateral. He was completely fooled!!! He sure would have been surprised if he had won the bet!!! :biggrin:

    The watch looks almost as good today as the day that I bought it. It's been such a nice watch that I never bought another one.
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    I think that Rolex are handmade, and very precise, so that adds to the value. Also theres a lot of bravado in having one. They're status symbols, plain and simple.
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    You can get electronic watches that will do everything that one will, and not put your life at risk if you are seen wearing it in a public place. Rolexes are mugging-bait.
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    Is a Rolex overpriced? Of course, you could spend 10 dollars and get a more accurate digital watch.
    Is a Rolex a good investment? Probably. no other watch holds its value like a Rolex.
    Is a Rolex like Bose? No. Bose audio sounds much better at all wavelengths unless you are listening to a rhythmic tick tick sound.
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    Sure, but im asking are they worth the high price they command in terms of material? I think this rolex looks awesome because its not flashy.
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    No way. The value of the stainless steel in the case is miniscule, as is the value of the synthetic sapphire.
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    How much do they cost? Also, the strap is also high grade stainless.
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    Of course they aren't worth the materials. Or even half the workmanship.
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    Of course they are worth the materials. If someone will pay it.
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    Basically, they allow rich Republican types to think that they can be adventurous because of the cool watch they wear. Notice how Rolex ads always talk about being an adventurer, or a pilot, etc.
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    If you want a really nice-looking, durable accurate watch with luminous markings that are really bright and easy to read at night, I suggest a Luminox Captain's Field watch. I have had one for many years. It's great for an active person, since the case is relatively thin and smooth and doesn't snag on stuff like my diver's watch did. The dial markers and hand markers are little luminous tubes filled with tritium gas. I have used mine to illuminate the keyhole on the front door when I've gotten home late and hadn't left a light on.

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    Dive watches and actual aviation watches are always cool.
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    :rofl: Why are rich people automatically 'republican types'. Good thing we are not stereotyping here.
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    Rolex is famous because they were one of the first dive watches in the world back in the 50s.
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    I didn't say rich people=repub. types. I said "rich repub. types" as opposed to the "rich green or democrat types"
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    Well, they've gotten far to high on their hog.
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    High-grade stainless is just an alloy of steel. It may contain chromium, nickel, vanadium, etc, but it is not expensive. And for comparison, I can buy a boule of synthetic sapphire for just a few bucks. I facet stones as a hobby, and although nice natural faceting rough is very expensive, the synthetic stuff is cheap enough to use in costume jewelry, and the labor spent in faceting the stone is FAR more expensive than the material.
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    Meh, I dont really care about who buys what. I just care about the quality of a rolex.
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    I was a dive instructor, and the first thing dive instructors all do before putting on their wetsuit is remove their expensive dive watch and replace it with a cheap casio digital.

    I do have a nice Victorinox watch that looks just like that one but only cost $200 - it was a present otherwise I would still have my casio calcualtor watch like a true nerd!
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