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Roll Cage Materials

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    Well i am trying to conduct an FEA on roll cages. I found that the usual materials used for Roll cages (According to FIA regulations+not) were:

    1) CDS Carbon Steel

    2) ERW Mild Steel

    3) DOM Mild Steel

    4) Cr (Chrome Molybdenum) Steel

    Now i was searching for more info on the specific properties and specs on these but i could only find AISI 1018 steel which i think is CDS?

    Anyone knows the specific material+properties used or more information for these 4 that is used in Roll Cage making?

    I tried looking on MatWeb, but the results are all general and got me confused a little. Please help me out

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    The types you list here are mostly differences in the way the pipe/tube are made:

    CDS = Cold Drawn, Seamless

    ERW = Electron Resistance Welded

    DOM = Drawn Over Mandrel

    The problem you are running into is typical in automotive ends where the garage terms for materials is widely used but completely useless. Mild steel? Just what the heck does that mean? That's right up there with another of my favorites, "aircraft aluminum."

    Looking at ASTM A513 which is a standard covering the properties of electric resistance welded tubing for structural use. That lists, basically 1010 thru 1060 plain carbon steel as well as higher alloy content steels such as 4340 and 8620. I assume, when someone says "mild" steel that they are referring to something along the lines of 1018.

    So basically, between the top three materials you have listed, you can run into the same materials, but different manufacturing techniques which may have a slight effect on properties depending on the amount of cold working. Honestly (and people will probably disagree with me) for your application, the differences between them is negligible. For any planning, etc... you may be doing, I would just use properties for 1010-1020.
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    Thanks and i really appreciate this informative reply. Mild Steel is basically low carbon steel to my understanding

    These terms (List) refer to materials used in roll cage making. Their strength and weight differ so i want to differentiate them as i am going to use Finite Element Analysis on all of them for my project.

    So how am i going to do that if they are all almost the same :( I need to know the different naming for each so i can get the specific properties for each :)
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    See - Classification of Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels

    and more generally - http://www.keytosteel.com/default.aspx?ID=Articles

    AISI 1018 - http://efunda.com/materials/alloys/...fm?ID=AISI_1018&prop=all&Page_Title=AISI 1018

    Efunda allows several free lookups, but then requires a subscription.

    One can use the ASTM or AISI designation and then go to a vendor's/supplier's site to find properties. Usually properties are given for the annealed condition (lowest strength), but there are grades for some materials based on room temp yield strength.
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    Thanks for the info. Will take a look now :)
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