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Roll Cages

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    I am designing a Roll Cage (Using CAD+FE) and trying out new materials for testing/analysis. Commonly used materials i found are:

    * CDS Carbon Steel
    * ERW Mild Steel
    * DOM Mild Steel
    * Cr (Chrome Molybdenum) Steel
    * T-45
    * 1020 Grade Mild Steel CDW

    Anybody knows any other suitable material i could use? It would be highly appreciated :)

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    Cromoly and Dom are the most commonly use IIRC. You might try some aircraft-grate Titanium or Aluminum alloys to see if there's one that would work (and is available in tube form).

    Look up MIL-HDBK-5J for a nice listing of aircraft-grade Aluminum and Titanium alloys.
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    Thanks mate. I will give that a search
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    Maybe carbon composites? I somehow don't think that they'd have the required stiffness, but it might be worth investigating.
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    I will look into that too. thanks mate, appreciate it :)
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