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Roller bearing specs

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    I am looking for a website or even some good ideas about the capacity of roller bearings

    I am especially interested in knowledge of

    1. size (diameter) - larger the better
    2. load capacity - large load in particular
    3. known coefficient of fricition ( some tables say ~ .0012? or even less)
    4. examples of where used (i.e crane, shipping container, elevator etc..)

    Ideally, i am looking for the existence of a really large load ( over 2000 metric tons?) low coefficient roller bearing. Do they employ these bearings in pulleys and can anyone tell me where they are used (large load pulleys).
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    Tell us more about your application or project.

    I can remember doing failure investigations into bearings carrying the load levels you describe.

    Following spectacular failures of these across Europe, they have been generally replaced.
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    Have you tried any manufacturer's websites? In addition to information online, they typically offer engineering services and/or technical support.
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    I deal with a few bearing manufacturers and I agree with pantaz, you should try specific manufacturer web sites and for bearings that large you should definitely talk to an applications engineer at the company. They can lead you through the entire process of selecting bearings, oil lubrication systems, mounting and bearing maintenance, etc... Of the bearing manufacturers I would highly recommend SKF.
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