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Homework Help: Roller coaster problem

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    Show that a roller coaster with a circular vertical loop. The difference in your apparent weight at the top of the circular loop and the bottom of the circular loop is 6 g's-that is, six times your weight. Ignore friction. Show also that as long as your speed is above the minimum needed, this answer doesn't depend on the size of the loop or how fast your go through it. I tried solving this but I'm very frustrated can anyone help?:smile:
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    We do need to see what you've already tried, so we know you aren't just trying to get an easy answer out of us.

    A quick hint, though - have you considered the centripetal force necessary, and where that force is going to come from? It'll be different at the top of the loop and at the bottom.
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    Pls explain what you tried and where you got stuck.
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    I have used the relationship of: w-MG=MA Solving for w We have W+Mg+MA

    W+MG+m(.5g)=3/2mg. I still have not been able to solve. This is not a homework problem but a MCAT review problem. Thanks
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