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Roller Coaster Project Help

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    I have to make a roller coaster for a physics project and the demensions of the project can be no larger than the mase of 1 meter by .8 m and 1.5 m tall. A golf ball is the object that must travel on the track and it must go through a loop and go off a 10 cm jump and travel for 20 seconds. My question is... What would be a good item to use for the tracks? I didn't know if there is a type of wood I could use or a type of putty/clay. Any good tips? thanks

    If anyone wants to look at the project sheet I can attach that.
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    Welcome to PF, Mr. Hammer.
    There seem to be a lot of roller-coaster projects popping up this year, and all are a bit different. I have no idea of what age or skill level you're at, so I'm going to assume for simplicity that you're early to mid high-school. That would imply a reasonably advanced tool-use level. My personal preference for a golf-ball track would be a couple of parallel rails spaced about 2/3's of a ball diameter apart (sorry, but I don't know exactly how big a golf ball is). I would use stiff wire, such as the 'spider' on a dart board is made of or maybe welding rod, with support loops brazed or soldered to the underside. If that's too vague an explanation, try looking at some pinball machines with wire ball return chutes to get a better idea.
    I certainly hope you don't mean that the ball has to travel for 20 seconds during the jump from 10cm ramp, because that ain't gonna happen unless your 10cm ramp is on the edge of a 50m cliff. :rolleyes:
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