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Roller Coaster Project

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    Hi everyone,

    I am currently doing a roller coaster project in school, where a marble must travel around a track of our design within certain dimensions. Easy right? Well, yes, but not since I plan on having the best roller coaster in the class. (the grades are put on a curve, best coaster gets 100%) So the way they determine the best roller coaster is by points as such:

    (total verticle drop height) X (added diameter of all vertical loops) X (time in seconds, not to exceed 30 or loss of points) X (number of verticle loops)

    so, the difficult part is, this roller coaster must only use the force of gravity and must be within the dimensions of 85 cm (~33 in) high, by 80 cm (~31.5 in) long, by 40 cm (~16 in) wide.

    We would like the first drop to take up approx. 1/3 of our total verticle height, and then do as many (hoping to get 12) loops at that level. Then we plan on dropping again to do another set of loops, then again. In the end we are aiming on having between 30 and 40 verticle loops.

    I know its possible, any suggestions on the best way to do this would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and a verticle loop counts if its on less than 20 degrees of an incline...if that helps, and the marble must be between 1.5 and 2.5 cm in diameter (~0.5 in to 1.0 in).

    I have posted a diagram of what i would like it to do, and what an example of a drop and 3 loops look like. The "bad design.jpg" i did in 5 mins on the comp to show you what i mean...the other one is a picture of our track.

    here is a website where an extremely successful roller coaster picture is:


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    How did you do the Multiple loops ?
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