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Rolling a weight up a slope

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    Wondering if anyone has a good simple formula for rolling a weight up an incline? and the actual pull required for a given weight.

    The situation is a marine railway comprised of railroad rails laid at approx. 2.68 degree slope into the water upon which a rolling frame, weighing approx. 10,000 lbs. plus the weight of the vessel resting upon it ( will be maximum weight of 100,000 lbs+ 10,000= 110,000 lbs)
    rolling on 8-8" diameter rail wheels from complete submersion to a dry condition at the top of the ramp, so obviously the initial weight will be less than the 110,000 lbs. due to the water displacement but with the full weight increasing as the object is removed from the water.

    What is the total pull required to roll this weight up the slope?
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