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Rolling Chalkboards

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    "Rolling" Chalkboards

    I've been trying to find a supplier of rolling chalkboards (on a spool). When you google the term you are given nothing but "reversable chalkboards" (on a stand, flipping between sides).

    This would be for personal use, i'm not a lecturer or anything. I'd just like one for home use. I have a big whiteboard; that running different coloured lines over one another ruins the pens is an undesireable matter. Anyone else still prefer Blackboards to whiteboards? Damn modernists.

    So - does anyone know of a supplier of rolling chalkboards? I'm in the UK, but i'll happily take a look and consider suppliers from elsewhere, too.
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    Re: "Rolling" Chalkboards

    I must admit that I've never heard of such a critter. Could you maybe mount a window blind sideways and use that as your drawing surface?
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