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Rolling Friction

  1. Feb 4, 2007 #1
    HI everyone who reads this,,

    i need to know a simple thing, but i coudln't figure it bymyself..
    what i need to know is coefficient of rolling friction

    say,, a tire,(not vehicle,, just a small tire) on a concrete road
    what would that be ? does anyone who knows??

    it doesn't have to be accurte,, not including radius,.. just an average,
    rubber wheel on concrete.

    i would appriciate it
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    The majority of people on this site post in english....:rolleyes: Now, as for your question follow the instructions below;

    1. Open a web browser
    2. Go to www.google.com
    3. Type in "coefficient of rolling friction tyre"
    4. Click "search"
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