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Homework Help: Rolling without Slipping-II

  1. Jun 18, 2013 #1
    Is frictional force necessary for rolling without slipping? If yes then does that mean that if we provide torque to a solid sphere on a frctionless surface will it nor rotate? I didn't understand that when does static frction arise and when does kinetic friction arise when a body is rolling withoout slipping or with slipping. Any explanation would be of great help!
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    It's required if there's another external force, such as wind, or gravity on a sloped surface. If there are no external forces, then the idealized friction force (no losses) is zero.

    It meas the sphere will spin without moving linearly.

    Rolling without slipping - static friction force (or zero force), ideally, no energy losses.

    Slippage of any kind - kinetic friction, some energy is being converted into heat.
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