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Roman numerals in Word 2013

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    Does anyone know how to place a capital Roman numeral in text using Word 2013. For example lead is a type-1 superconductor, but I wanted to use the capital Roman numeral one instead of the Arabic numeral. Perhaps it can be done from the keyboard, like certain Ascii characters?
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    What's wrong with a capital "I", "V", and "X" ?
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    Thanks everyone for the replies. I'll check out the free fonts link.
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    Just use LaTeX
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    Not to sound too ignorant, but how do you implement LaTeX? Do you need special software on your computer? Does it come with Word 2013?
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    Actually, following phinds suggestion I tried the "Times New Roman" text in the insert menu, and used the capital "i". In that font there is a bar on top and bottom, and it looks pretty good, even if it's not the Roman numeral one.
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    rbelli, Thanks for the reference. I'm away on vacation till next week, so won't be able to try it till I return home. I might have some word processor on my notebook here, will have to check.
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    A little off topic for this thread, but is it possible for a thumb drive to become infected with a virus, when your computer gets hit with malware? My 12 year old XP Operating System computer had a ransomware attack several weeks ago, and I had one thumb drive connected. I took the computer off the web, and it seems to work fine for word processing, games, etc. I set the thumb drive aside, but have lots of pictures on it, that may not be available elsewhere.
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    Absolutely it is. Doesn't mean it WILL, if the computer gets infected but depending on the virus it might. Some of them specifically attack external storage drives (non-C drives) to help propagate themselves.
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    If you want to try to recover anything from this thumb drive you will definitely want to make sure autoplay is off. The best idea is to use some non Windows OS to look at it. Bootable Linux images are easy to find.

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