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Romanian, 67, pregnant with twins

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    Ivan Seeking

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    hey, why not? Just because they'll never be able to rough house with mom, just because they'll bury their mom before she has a chance to talk to them about the birds and the bees. just because they'll be orphaned before high school. That's no reason not to allow this old lady to have kids.
    How selfish does a person have to be to do this to a couple of kids? She just wants to be able to hold a baby of her own who cares if the baby grows up without anyone being there when she needs to be held most. I hate this story. I hate the lady and I hate the doctor who made it possible.
    and Ivan, you aren't to high on my list at the moment for bringing this story to my attention.
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    Some women will do anything to have a baby(recent horrific example from Kansas).
    For me this Romanian woman is mentally ill,she should be locekd in the psychiatric hospital.
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    At first I had the same reaction as trib, but then I started thinking about how many children are raised by their grandparents due to death or inability of the parents to raise them. Kids raised by grandparents are very happy.

    I still think it is very selfish to give birth at her age. Even if she lives another 30 years, how capable will she be?

    I know women in my family live on average to around 98 and remain in great physical and mental health, but I'm sure as hell not going to have kids when I'm that age. :surprised
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    yeah, but they STARTED in great physical and mental health
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