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Romantic moments

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    One moonlit night (the night of October 16, 1843 to be precise), as William Rowan Hamilton took a romantic stroll with his wife over the Brougham Bridge in Dublin, Ireland, the fundamental relationship of quaternion multiplication came to him in a flash of genius
    ([tex]i^2=j^2=k^2=ijk=-1[/tex]). Hamilton was so moved by the emotion of the moment, he carved the equation into one of the stones on the Brougham Bridge.

    Unfortunately, the romantic conversation that led up to Hamilton's flash of genius has never been recorded, but I'm sure watching Hamilton carve a mathematical equation into a stone had to leave his wife deeply moved.

    What's your most memorable romantic moment?
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    I'm too young. :frown:

    The Bob (2004 ©)
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    I'll take romantic as in 'emotional' and 'comforting'..

    I remember once standing in a bus stop in the middle of febuary, just finishing studies and pretty late (about 8:00 but very dark because of winter)

    Its london. It doesn't snow here that often, and as such, it didn't during December and January. However, that night, standing next to a lamp post, with a bright orange light, a snowstorm came, and i had nothing but a relatively thick coat. Not to windy either, so the snow came settling down softly.

    Thank heavens for no windchill. However, i did turn a bit white literally, with my hair and my whole coat turning me into a snowman. The feeling was truly heavenly, especially being alone in a dark road (with lampost)

    I'll never forget that. Better than any girl-boy love confession romance.
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    haha, its that one i left it in the rubbish outside since a year, not sure if i should get it back or no...

    P.S: Neat equation! first time i came across by it in my ok-length life. its romantic to see ijk together after they split by = = = at the beginnings :P
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    Hmm... unfortunately for me I have no romantic moments to speak of in my short and insignificant existence so far.... :grumpy:

    But I have a feeling that when they do occur, it is going to be like Hamilton's moments, though less dramatic.

    Instead it will most probably be scribbled on a napkin at a restaurant. :rolleyes:
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    I'm still waiting for one. For some reason I've never dated very romantic men. Perhaps why I've never had an epiphany? :frown:
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    It was her birthday and I wanted to do something memorable. She had told me about some cliffs with a light house over looking the ocean she had found once by accident and hadn't been able to find since. Utilizing the wonderful internet I was able to figure out where this place was. After dinner I took her there with out her knowing where we were going. I loved the look on her face when she realized where she was. After walking around and watching the waves crashing on the rocks below for a while I gave her a present. It was a claddagh ring. I told her that loved her and wanted to marry her and spend the rest of my life with her.

    She left me a few months later though.
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    I've done something similar to that, out in the forest in the late afternoon. It was snowing very thickly so that everything appeared white.
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    I grew up in Houston, TX, no snow. When I moved to Washington, DC, it snowed heavily
    late one night shortly after I moved there and I went out for a walk. No one else was around. It was so quiet that I could hear the snow when it hit the ground. It was incredible.
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    You know what's nice to watch, if you ever have the chance, is big-flaked snow falling slowly onto the ground beneath a streetlight at night. I'm not going to tell you how it looks. Just take the opportunity when you get it.
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    In that situation it's necessary to watch it hit the ground up close. Standing from afar you cannot get the effect.
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    Was it the lighthouse on the peninsula in Palos Verdes?
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    There was this one girl that I really liked in highschool. I was kind of a nerd. Everyone knew who I was, but I wasn't exactly popular. She was beautiful and intelligent and a cheerleader. She was very popular. I didn't have the courage to ask her out.

    She called me up once and asked for help with some homework. She didn't need any help with her homework. I had never given her my number. She must have found the number in the phone book. It wouldn't have been very difficult. My last name is rare and my first name is the same as my father's.

    In my senior year we had a math class together. I would go to class early and sit there by myself waiting for class to begin, looking over my homework. Every morning I went to class she was in the hall talking with her friends. Eventually I would come into the class and she would come in a minute or two later and her friends were still out in the hallway. We sat there at seperate tables hardly ever speaking for the five minutes before class.

    I always said stupid things when I spoke with her. She always dressed very nicely and one time she had on this nice spring hat. I said "I like your hat." Later from her friends I heard that she thought I didn't like her hat. Another time she said something about cold showers making her sleepy. I said "That would make you cold-blooded." I don't think she took that very well either. I just never knew what to say around her and was always nervous. Another time we were having our picture taken in the local paper with about half a dozen other classmates. I couldn't smile because my lips wouldn't stay still. I had to bite my lip to stop it from shaking. The picture came out all goofy looking and one of my teachers pointed it out in class while she was there.

    Another time I happened to be walking by and she was talking with a friend. She was dating a guy on the football team and her friend was trying to convince her to have sex with him. Talk about bad timing. I could have gone without hearing that.

    All this happened over about 3 of the 4 years I was in highschool. About a year after highschool I found that I couldn't stop thinking about her and what would have happened if I had approached her. How different would my life have been? So I found her address from the school yearbook and wrote her a long letter. I waited about 2 weeks and didn't hear anything. (I had moved from MA to AZ) I got her phone number and called up. She asked how I was doing and I asked if she got my letter. She hung up the phone. I called back about a dozen times but she wouldn't speak with me. A few weeks later I got a short, direct letter from her. She was engaged to the the football player that she was dating in highschool.

    I took it pretty hard. He was a decent guy. I don't blame him. But I hated myself for not saying anything when I had the chance. The last time I saw her was 13 years ago, but I still think of her occasionally. It feels like a dull ache or maybe a thin veil over everything that makes the world look a little less real.
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    You're too practical. :confused: -- Helouise SOS.
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    Your birthday efforts were sweet and thoughtful just the same. -- Helouise SOS.
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    The past is but a reference for the future, in which to seek your true soul mate who makes you feel comfortable and understands the things you say. :smile: -- Helouise SOS
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    I can't think of a romantic moment, so I'll make one up...

    One spring day, as Mr. Right took a stroll with SOS in the park of Main Street, USA the fear of commitment suddenly overtook him. Mr. Right was so overwhelmed by the emotion he had a movement, which ultimately left his pants permanently stained.

    Unfortunately, the conversation that led up to Mr. Right's flash of realization has been recorded, which is available for a small fee to help pay for the years of SOS's therapy, who was deeply scarred.
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    Can I take you to dinner instead?

    Thank you.
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    It's in San Pedro next to the Korean Friendship Bell.
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    Ah... Some girls just don't know a diamond (or claddagh?) when they hold it in their hand. :biggrin:
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