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News Ronal Reagan Dies

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    Ivan Seeking

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    No matter how anyone may feel about the man politically, I am convinced that Reagan was a very good man. After the long dark night of Vietnam, and then Nixon and Watergate, Reagan inspired a generation of young Americans [like me] to renew their faith in our system.

    I have always found it amazing that for all of his "Evil Empire" rhetoric, he and Gorbachev became great friends.
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    "Good night sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest".
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    I personally believe Ronald Regan died years ago, well at least the person known as Ronald Regan. It must be tough caring for someone that you've known almost all your life and yet that person can't even remember your name.

    [edit] wow i can't spell
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    One of the few great ones.
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    Ronald Reagan was the second-most religious president, after Jimmy Carter, among the ones who were president during my lifetime. All presidents have net worths above a million dollars. (Our major political parties simply do not nominate barbers or mail carriers for president.) I sometimes wonder how Christian presidents square their own personal wealth with the disdain Jesus expressed for "filthy lucre."
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Loosely quoted, it is harder for a rich man to go to heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.... but in Gods eyes all things are possible. Your objection was noted 2000 years ago. Thank goodness for really skinny camels! :smile:

    I was thinking about something that Carter said. At first I thought this was at the inauguration for Reagan, but now I'm thinking that this was at Nixon’s funeral. After listening to Reagan give a most eloquent and uplifting speech, like only Reagan could, when it was his turn to speak, Carter commented: "I have never understood more clearly than now why I lost the election".
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    Reagan said he would make changes and cut through the red tape, and he did more of that than any other president in recent history. That was what impressed me.

    I think he did as much as anyone coming into that office at that time could do.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Goodbye to the Gipper, my favorite President in recent history.
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    Ronald Reagan dies;

    Good (one less career war-criminal to worry about).
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    He projected public charisma through apparent personal acknowledgement. I voted twice against the man. Ten years of Alzheimers deserves compassion rather than a cheap label of war criminal. Nommos Prime (Dogon), what recent US president would you deem not worthy of that calumny?
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    Reagan had a successful policy of economic isolation and containment for socialist governments like the USSR and Iraq, honored by George HW Bush and Bill Clinton. Too bad that the current president utterly rejects Ronald Reagan and his foreign policies.
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    I always thought Reagan was ahead of his time. He was somewhat libertarian in his views (i'm not libertarian) years before the party was formed. I think he respected women and shuddered at the senseless deaths that occurred with illegal abortion. I believe he was the first governor to sign for legalized abortion after Roe vs Wade. Then, there were some of the toughest antipollution laws passed while he was governor of california. But of course, there was also the Ollie North fiasco and perhaps some questionable policies dealing with Central America during his presidency.....oh well, no one is perfect.
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    The Fourth Reich

    Loren Booda;

    I would deem NONE worthy.

    Every single President of the USA (since World War II ended) has been guilty of outright war crimes against humanity (usually against the “coloured” Races).
    Its cold hard FACT.

    Noam Chomsky has said the above in similar words on many occasions, and he’s right.

    Look into it, people.

    Puppet Dictators in South America, Sponsored Terrorism, War and Genocide through most of Asia, Mercenaries in Africa etc. etc. etc.

    The USA (Fourth Reich).

    Oh yeh, my favourite "famous" description of Reagan was;
    Very apt.
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    Some Quotes – Just To Illustrate My Point…

    Ok. First, I’ll illustrate past USA Policy towards the Asiatic Races (It remains the same, to this day…);

    First, from one of your “esteemed” Presidents, who in fact was instrumental in the whole charade;

    “Unless the United States has unchallengeable air power, we shall be hostage to every yellow dwarf with a pocket knife.”
    - President Lyndon Baines Johnson (I believe this was said to the Senate, no less…)
    (I don’t think anybody can deny that this is the ranting of a racist megalomaniac..)

    Now, from one of your great Authors, Mathematicians and Philosophers;

    “With the exception of the extermination of the Jews, however, everything that the Germans did in Eastern Europe has been repeated by the United States in Vietnam on a scale which is larger and with an efficiency which is more terrible and more complete.”
    - Bertrand Russell, “War Crimes In Vietnam”, Page 121 (1967).
    Hmmm, yes. Again, hard to find fault in those comments…

    And, one more, from another USA Citizen (with Israeli heritage), Mr Noam Chomsky (great linguist, political analyst and philosopher);

    “Coming generations will pay the costs. That is the legacy of these years, even if we permit ourselves not to see the misery and torture of our victims throughout much of the world.”
    - Noam Chomsky, “Deterring Democracy”, Page 87 (1992).
    Yes, we are starting to see something like this occur…

    USA Policy towards the South/Latin Americans;

    “We saw North American tanks roll over the dead.”
    - Rafael Olivardia (Refugee Spokesman for the El Chorillo neighbourhood in Panama).
    Sheesshh…Hard to argue with that bluntness. Panama should have just given up ALL RIGHTS to their Canal. Would have saved them an invasion an occupation…

    Now, back to that Cowboy, Reagan;

    I’ll finish with a couple of your “wonderful” Mr Reagan’s famous policies.
    Gorby (at the moment) is being very diplomatic about Reagan’s death. But in reality, their relationship was more like this;
    “Those Pershing missiles were like a loaded gun placed to our head.”
    - Mikhail Gorbachev

    And Reagan is hailed as being part of the reason for the Berlin Wall coming down? Please…

    And, who will ever forget, Star Wars (to deal with the ET threat of attack).

    Not me.

    I love those comments he made in the UN.
    About the most sensible things he ever said…
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    Now that Mr. Reagan is dead, his fans will try to talk him up and make him seem better than he actually was. And his detractors are going to berate him and his policies and try to make him seem like a monster.

    In fact, as with most people, he was probably somewhere in between. He was not the greatest president ever, and at the same time he's no tyrant.

    My personal opinion? He's leagues better than most of the recent boobs, the Americans have called president. But as with most American presidents, he leaves a lot to be desired.
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    Nuclear Physicist

    Carter, at least, was a Nuclear Physicist (His ONLY saving grace...)
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  19. Jun 8, 2004 #18
    Not Me, Mate,,,

    Not me mate.
    I've always said that he was a war criminal (and an idiot).
    Only a fool (or a Monkey) would try to defend the IQ (or policies) of that "Movie Star".
  20. Jun 8, 2004 #19
    Haha, as I recall he once made a comment about trees being the cause of pollution.
  21. Jun 8, 2004 #20
    Does anyone know of any other country that has the habit of electing their movie stars to office? Or is this more of a result of the celebrity obsessed american culture?
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