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Room for research/discovery

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    I'm on my way to becoming an electrical engineer (freshmen in college) and I was wondering about the realm of the unknown. Are there things in terms of electromagnetism and electricity that we don't know? Like, are there areas of these fields that need more research and exploration?
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    Maxwell's equations and circuit theory have been around a long time but no worries, there will be plenty for you to work on. Some areas include:

    the continuous drive to smaller, cheaper, faster, less power
    devices based on new materials e.g. organic circuits
    devices enabled by extremely small size such e.g. carbon nanotubes
    design based on computing capabilities e.g. 3 D EM simulations, multiphysics simulations
    efficient conversion of energy from one form to another e.g. solar cells
    novel devices based on quantum mechanics e.g. quantum computing
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