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Roomate is worrying that he might have an std

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    So my roomate is worrying that he might have an std, and we started looking up facts about stds. according to the cdc:

    80%!!! wow who knew vaginas could be so dangerous? :yuck:
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    Oh yeah, it has nothing to do with those promiscuous men the women trust. :rolleyes:
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    Yeah, and stds hurt women more than men. Symptoms don't show up as often or strongly for men, so they don't get screened and they spread it to every girl they meet!!!! I'm sure more guys are infected with stds but they don't realize it because they won't go in for a checkup.
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    On a related note, when are they coming out with that contraceptive pill for men? Not that I'd trust a guy to remember to take it everyday:rolleyes:
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    Not only that, but guys who know that they are infected won't go to the doctor.

    Guys are very self-conscious, especially in my generation.
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    probably. women make 150 million more visits to the doctor every year than men (this isn't including trips because of pregnancy).
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    Guys hate going to the doctor as much as girls hate taking care of their cars:biggrin: I don't know what it is, I'm just completely uninterested in car maintainance, even though I know I'll pay big for it when something goes wrong. And if you think most women don't know how to use their cars, then it's equally true that most guys don't take the time to learn how to use their equipment:wink:
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