Medical Root Canals and Cancer

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    I recently had a friend on facebook share this website
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    it suggests there's a causal relationship between root canals and cancer. Right off the bat, given the website name, realfarmacy, i was skeptical. I tried to check their sources and did a few searches on google and they all seem to come back to one place, Dr. Mercola
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    The sources are listed on the bottom of the page. There was only 1 source that explicitly mentioned cancer but it was blocked by our corporate firewall and flagged malicious. The other sources had to do with raw food diets and bacteria in a person's mouth.

    I went to pubmed and did a search there for root canal cancer but I didn't see anything relevant (I am a computer programmer so take that with a pinch of salt)

    Is there any evidence to support this claim outside of what Mercola says?

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    It's crackpottery.

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