Root mean square help

  1. Hello,
    For 1 and 2 I want to calculate rms then

    [tex]x_{rms}=\sqrt{\frac{1}{n}\sum_{i=1}^{n}x_i^2}\Rightarrow x_{1,2}=\sqrt{\frac{1}{2}(1^2+2^2)}=\sqrt{\frac{5}{2}}[/tex]

    And also


    For the function [tex]f(x)=x[/tex], [tex]x_1=1[/tex], [tex]x_2=2[/tex]


    Please explain to me where I do wrong.
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  3. You do nothing wrong
    Are you expecting to get the same value?
    Well you won't because the discrete set {1,2} is different from the continuous set {x | 1<x<2}, therefore you shouldn't get the same value
  4. Alright how I write this integral form?Thanks.
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