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Root Mean Square Uncertainty

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    Root Mean Square Uncertainty [solved]

    My TA gave us a paper after this assignment regarding how to do Root Mean Square Uncertainty, however I can't read her handwriting...

    I think I get the gist of it, but It's written so strange I need to check.

    Is it

    sqrt( [(error1)^2+(error2)^2+...(errorN)^2]/N ) where N is the number of error terms available.

    Error1 would be the possible error in the measurement of One of the factors being measured.
    In my case I measured some resistance at .358 with a ±.001 factor... so I would input the ±.001 into the equation then do the same with the Radius I measured for a different part of it, then the width etc?

    Is that how it's done... or am I completely misunderstanding. The way it's written on what she gave us I feel like I'm misunderstanding but that makes logical sense so I'm a bit lost.

    Thanks for the help ^.^

    Sorry. I had been searching for explanations online but it seems that it is normally titled the 'mean squared error' (the wikipedia humorously didn't show up for like 20 pages under the other title) and now that I've found that page I've got it down.
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