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Root mean square

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I solved on my own the work below is incorrect.

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A sealed 500ml flask contains oxygen gas at a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius.
a) Calculate the root mean square speed of an oxygen molecule in the flask?
b) Calculate the average kinetic of an oxygen molecule in the flask?

2. Relevant equations
rms=square root (3r T/M)

3. The attempt at a solution

a) square root of (3*8.314)*(300/32)
=15.3 m/s
Is this the correct way to go about this question?

b) KE average= 1/2 M (v)2
= 1/2*(32)*(15.3)2
=3.75*103 N/m

I do have one more question but I would like to know if I did these two problems correctly.
Thank you for your time greatly appreciated.
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