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Homework Help: Rope Swinging Question

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    Basically, there's a person standing on top of a 24 m tall building, and there's another 24 m tall building right beside the original building. The person is holding a 24 m long rope and is attempting to swing from the top of one building to the bottom of the other. The rope cannot take more tension then twice the person's weight, at what height does the rope break.

    Note: The person begins swinging horizontally. I hope my explanation is clear, if not, then please tell me.

    I'm not really sure how to tackle this question, I know it has something to do with conservation of energy, just not sure how to convert potential gravitational energy into something that can be used to determine the tension in the rope.

    I'd appreciate any help :smile:
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    Yes, you need to use conservation of energy... Try to find the tension when the rope has swung to a certain angle... use centripetal acceleration...
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