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Rossi Ecat H2 Ni reactor, anything new?

  1. Dec 6, 2011 #1
    The date of his large scale test has come and gone.

    Some are claiming it was a success, but no large scale news and no hard data that I can find.

    Here is one report:

    http://mnispel.net/neengineer/?p=292 [Broken]

    Anyone think it works?
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    No large scale news and no hard data almost certainly means it is NOT a success.
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    I don't know how you concluded that or how anything can be concluded so far on the matter. Rossi claims that he's beyond the verification step and now is into full scale production.
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    He can claim whatever he likes. He's been developing this for years now and still doesn't have a patent? (At least one article I just read said the device isn't patent protected) I remain skeptical until the full technical details of the device are available or multiple devices are used for power generation.
  6. Dec 7, 2011 #5
    Supposedly he already has sold 13 1MW units. Clients unspecified. Another company has entered the business also. I'm no expert; but, it looks like science duped itself with a flurry of overreaction back with Fleischmann and Pons, and everything became hush-hush until a different name could be used denoting the same phenomena.
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    He hasn't even produced any units yet, only received orders. (Except for his one "mysterious customer") I'm not saying he's a fraud nor was I there for any of the public demonstrations. I'm only saying I'm remaining skeptical. And don't try to bring the science community into this somehow. Without technical details there isn't even a way to say yes or no on whether it would work or not. Sorry, just because it LOOKS like it works doesn't mean it does. There is still a possibility of fraud. Again, I'm not accusing him of actually being one, so don't try to bite my head off over it.

    I sincerely hope his machine works and it works well and produces little harmful waste. It would be a phenomenal discovery.
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    No verifiable independent tests so far. All Rossi says, no verification on any of it. All offers to properly test have been refused etc. The guy has a verifiable bad background.
    Oh and the most common one of alll SOOOON.

    So far nothing more than a electric water heater can be said about the mess.
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    Perhaps, but tell me this: would you be willing to pay him to purchase a supposedly revolutionary device that has never once been independently tested? There is no way I'd ever bet my money on this. And for overreaction: the scientific community hasn't really said anything about this, have they? How could they: there is no science for them to examine.
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