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RotaMeter correction factor

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    Hello Dear friends

    i was doing tests to evaluate the performance of my Engine Test bench, (197/225cc engine 12.6kW IC SI engine, Propane) For mass flow rate i have used a rota meter to find the Volume flow rate and convert it to mass flow rate, i couldn't find a rotameter for propane so i decided to go for oxygen rotameter

    now that i have got the values they are 4, 4.5, 4.8, 5 lit/min
    as they are the indicated flow rates

    for correction i have used these equations

    Cdensity=(density of oxygen/density of propane)^1/2
    Cpressure= (p+0.1013/ps+0.1013)^1/2
    p=actual operating pressure
    ps=standard or designed pressure for rotameter use
    ts=standard temperature for rotameter use
    t=actual operating temperature

    Gas Correction factor(GCF)=Cdensity*Cpressure*Ctemperature
    Actual Flow = Indicated Flow rate * GSF
    the density of propane is 1.873g/lit
    operating temperature was recorded as 10C
    operating pressure was 0.005MPa
    standard values for rotameter are 1.292g/lit, 20C, 0.343MPa

    so the actual flow values are 1.688, 1.899, 2.0265, 2.111 lit/min

    i just wanted to ask that is it correct method or am i missing something because when i evaluate the thermal efficiency of my test bench it gives me above 60% which is no way possible
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