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Rotary Actuator

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    Can someone please help in finding a suitable rotary actuator?

    I need it to lower the rear wheelchair ramp of a car. So the motor would attach directly to a shaft. When it causes the shaft to rotate it would lower the ramp which is welded onto the shaft. I'm finding it hard to find a rotary actuator that produces the 166N m of torque which is required. Any ideas? Or prehaps different mechanisms?
    Thank you
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    Gear systems will help you with the torque problem. Although you might not have a heavy-duty motor, consider using a small gear to drive a large one. Based on the equations of mechanical advantage, a small motor with a high velocity and low torque can cause a large gear to produce high torque and slow rotations, which is most likely what you want.

    Without knowing any specifics on how you want to design the system, consider using a worm gear system if you're trying to convert a shaft motion to another type of rotational motion.
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    Thank you, will uncover abit about worm gears and other gearing systems.
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    Rotary Actuator:

    I have modified these for various non-winching applications... or, could your lift ramp be modified to use a winch, similar to an elevator?

    They are fairly inexpensive and powerful.

    http://www.superwinch.com/p/lt2000-2-000-lbs-12v?pp=12 [Broken]





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    That could be great,, I did think of using a motor attached to steel cable but didn't consider a wrench because i got rid of the idea but will start again. Could def be a great idea
    Thank you
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    Thank you Pantaz. I don't think it will be a suitable place for me. i have looked and book marked the site, could be very useful anyway
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    Rotary Actuator:

    Actually recreated, what I did as a "modification" was to just remove the cable and fit a

    sprocket and chain to the drum.

    The chain drove a rack and pinion, which opened and closed the gates of a grain trailer.

    I basically used the winch as a rotary actuator to drive a linear actuator.

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    Hi Samuel Denson. http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/5725/red5e5etimes5e5e45e5e25.gif [Broken]

    The last responses to this thread are from over two years ago. If there is still a need for a rotary actuator then I'm sure your recommendation will be much appreciated.

    Thanks for posting.
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