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Homework Help: Rotating around the x axis

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    Ok, I have to make a 3D model of a figure bounded by y=4 and y=x^2 that is rotated about the x-axis. I believe it will form an hour glass shape and I am putting two half spheres together to form the model, is this right?
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    (edit... if you revolve around the Y AXIS, THEN) It's called a "Paraboloid of revolution". It looks like a "Dot" (the candy made by the tootsie roll company)
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    Can you please explain this, I looked up what you said, but I still cannot see how that would be formed by my shape. The paraboloid of revolution looks more like what would be formed by rotating in about the y axis. Anyh help is appreciated.
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    You're right. I wasn't paying attention! I'll think about a good way to visualize this.
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