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Rotating Fluids

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    An item in Jearl Walker's "The Flying Circus of Physics" discusses stirring tea. (4.63) I understand that stirring causes the fluid to move faster toward the center thus producing lower pressure near the center. Higher pressure exists at the wall and this pressure difference causes the centripetal force. Also, the stirring creates a vortex and the fluid is deeper at the wall than at the center.

    My question is: Do you get the same effect if, instead of stirring, you rotate the container on a turntable? Where is the speed of the fluid now greater? Is the pressure difference still from the outside to inside? Will the fluid "rise" up the sides of the container while being spun? I have tried spinning a bucket of water on a turntable but am not convinced that what I am observing is just due to the sloppy way in which I'm operating the turntable.

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