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Rotating Inertia

  1. Apr 19, 2005 #1
    We have two rotors & the rotor inertia combined is (MKSA) 1,333kgm^2 from the manufacturers specifications.

    My question is, if we apply a braking load to the rotors while acellerating them what influence does the rotor inertia then have on things?

    Just say we have a braking load of 100ft/lbs or 200ft/lbs etc on the rotors & we acellerate them to say 700rpm or 1000rpm in 1 second or 2 seconds etc, what influence then does the rotor inertia have. Or does the rotor inertia get cancelled out because we are dragging a brake sort of thing & the inertia value just becomes part of the braking load & not a seperate issue???

    I can see if the braking load is very small the rotor inertia will have an effect while acellerating the rotors but when the braking load is high i am just not sure how this effects things?.

    Some equations for working the effects out would be very useful if someone could help me out!

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