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Rotating metalic bar and ddp

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    rotating metalic bar and potential difference

    Hi All,

    I have been thinking of this lately and had no answer.

    Consider we have a metalic bar rotating around one of its ends. Centrifugal force will appear inside the bar. It seems natural to think that electrons will suffer larger displacements than protons. Thus a potential difference seems to arise. If all this is correct, what do we need (complementary information, for instance) in order to calculate the potential difference from:

    the lenght L
    the mass
    the volumetric density
    the resistance
    the angular velocity.


    Best wishes

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    i don't know what you mean with ddp.

    Despite i suggest that you take a look at the experiment which Richard Tolman conducted in 1916. That would have led you in the right direction.
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    Re: rotating metalic bar and Potential Difference

    Sorry, I used a portuguese shortage for potential difference (Diferença De Potencial). I have it corrected now in the OP.

    Thank you ( I will search for this reference Tolman).

    Best Wishes

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    Thank you.

    Nice reference.

    Best Wishes

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