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Rotating molecule

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    b) Calculate the matrix which represents the Hamiltonian

    H= 1{(L)^2}/2I + Alpha*(L^z)

    H = part A + part B

    where alpha is a constant and so is I and also L^2 = Lx^2 + Ly^2 + Lz^2 (1)

    heres what i have done. i have calculated L^2 From adding matrices from 1 and it came to 2(h^2)*the identity matrix and then i have added together Part A and part B to get matrix..

    question is the constant I in the question the identity matrix so i can cancel both I's as i have found that L^2 =2I. And then how do i add (h^2) to a matrix,i am confused i am missing something

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    you need to better express your question... and perhaps clear up some typos.. some sentences don't make sense to me... before anyone could even try to help... include as much stuffs that is given, use better symbols... so at least we can "guess" what is going on
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