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Rotating rod

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    anybody know link where i can see how to calculate the power of the gravitational radiation emitted from a rotating rod?
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    MTW's "Gravitation" gives a formula on pg 980.

    In geometric units, the formula is:

    [tex]L_{GW} = \frac{2}{45} M^2 l^4 \omega^6 [/tex]

    where M is the mass of the bar
    l is the length of the bar
    [itex]\omega[/itex] is the angular frequency of rotation of the bar, [itex]\frac{2 \pi}{T}[/itex], where T is the period of rotation of the bar.

    Converting this to standard units we get

    [tex]L_{GW} =\frac{2}{45} \frac{G}{c^5} M^2 l^4 \omega^6 [/tex]

    the added constants are c, the speed of light, and G, the gravitational constant.
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