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Rotating Table and Motor

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    Hey, not sure if this should go here or not but it seemed the best place.
    I'm trying to find a rotating table and a motor for a doppler shift experiment a lot like the one on page 4 of this website:

    http://academic.reed.edu/physics/courses/phys100/Lab%20Manuals/Doppler%20Effect/Doppler.pdf [Broken]

    I found one on PASCO that seemed perfect, the only problem is that the motor makes too much noise to hear the doppler shift properly. Does anybody know of any other website that supplies turntables and motors? Or maybe somewhere that sells more efficient motors that wouldn't be too noisy?
    Thanks for any advice in advance.
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    Have you thought of just hitting a few yard sales or pawn shops to find an old phonograph? Their motors are very quite, they're shock-mounted on springs, and the tone arm would make a fine microphone mount. :approve:
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