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Rotation Angles for 3D Vector

  1. Nov 29, 2006 #1
    Hello folks!

    So, I'm working on a java applet where I want to rotate an object to point in the direction that it is moving. I have its velocity stored as a 3D vector (x,y,z) and I am using a 3D library that allows for rotation on any axis (x,y, or z).

    It's my understanding that I need to calculate the Euler angles for rotation along all 3 axes. I've found a lot of help online for calculating Euler angles from a rotation matrix. My issue is that I don't have a rotation matrix, i just have the velocity vector of the object. Can anyone help me understand how to calculate rotation angles from a 3D vector? Do I need to first calculate a rotation matrix and then calculate Euler angles?

    My pseudo-code for what I am attempting is as follows:

    angle1 = getXRotation(velocity);
    angle2 = getYRotation(velocity);
    angle3 = getZRotation(velocity);

    draw object!

    Thanks all!!
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    Try to search quaternion, SU(3), unit complex number, etc. Quaternion may help you to simplify a lot of calculation.
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