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Rotation induced by moving center of mass

  1. May 31, 2013 #1
    Two identical uniform beams are connected together by a set of servo motors. When the motors activate the two beams will come together uniformly and the center of mass of the system will move outward along the arrow shown. I would expect that the torque exerted by the motors would only cause the beams to rotate around each other through the axis that runs through the servo.

    Now, if mass is added to the end of one of the beams so that the center of mass is no longer centered in the system. When the motors are now activated the beams will move together, but the motion will not be uniform. The lighter beam will move through a greater angle. In addition I would expect for the entire system to rotate as shown by the blue arrow. What equation describes this rotation or how could this rotation be modeled?

    I am ignoring any external forces such as gravity

    Thank you

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