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Commutativity for planar rotations follows from a direct calculation.
What does 'direct calculation' mean?


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Take two rotations ##a,b## and show that ##ab=ba##.

In the usual setting, this will be showing that two linear maps commute or that two rotation matrices commute.
I think it means actually calculating ##ab## and ##ba##, working out the products of the rotation matrices for general rotations.


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A nice way to do this, is to recognize that you are in effect verifying that complex numbers commute (and that this holds even when they are represented as 2x2 matrices). So consider a complex number

##a_1 + b_1 i##, given as

a_1 & -b_1\\
b_1 & a_1
\end{bmatrix}= a_1
1 & 0\\
0 & 1
\end{bmatrix} +
b_1 \begin{bmatrix}
0 & -1\\
1 & 0
\end{bmatrix} = a_1 \mathbf I + b_1 \mathbf i##

now multiply by some other complex number ##a_2 + b_2 i## and see that

##\big(a_1 \mathbf I + b_1 \mathbf i\big)\big(a_2 \mathbf I + b_2 \mathbf i\big) = \big(a_2 \mathbf I + b_2 \mathbf i\big) \big(a_1 \mathbf I + b_1 \mathbf i\big) ##

because ##\mathbf i## commutes with scaled forms of itself and the identity matrix ##\mathbf I## commutes with everything. Since you are talking about rotation matrices, you are constraining yourself to a determinant of 1 here (aka complex numbers on the unit circle).
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