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Rotation Question

  1. Apr 26, 2010 #1
    If you have a bar AB which has an angular velocity Wab which pass through A the centre of rotation.

    Through a frame of reference that follows B

    If you rotate with the Wab the Bar AB will be stationary. And B will have a zero velocity
    I think u have to use a linear frame of reference to change the point through which the angular velocity passes through.

    I was studying General plane motion with rotation and translating reference axes

    Where Va = Vb + W x R(a/b)
    Vb = Va + W x R(b/a)

    Apparently W is the same for both equation. However does this apply if W is not centred at A or B ie it goes through a point C which is between A and B can u say the above equations hold?
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