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Homework Help: Rotational Dynamics Question

  1. Nov 8, 2007 #1
    A potter is shaping a bowl on a potters wheel rotating at constant angular speed. The frictional force between her hands and the clay is 1.5N total. A. How large is her torque on the wheel, if the diameter of the bowl is 12 cm? B. How long would it take for the potters wheel to stop if the only torque acting on it is due to the potters hand? The initial angular velocity of the wheel is 1.6 rev\s, and th moment of inertia of the wheel and the bowl is 0.11kg*m^2.

    So part A is just the force times the radius right? ie. 1.5N*.06m=.09Nm. Part B is my sticking point. I'm not really sure where to go from here.
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