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Homework Help: Rotational dynamics

  1. Mar 11, 2005 #1
    A wrecking ball (weight = 5400 N) is supported by a boom, which may be assumed to be uniform and has a weight of 3800 N. As the drawing shows, a support cable runs from the top of the boom to the tractor. The angle between the support cable and the horizontal is 32°, and the angle between the boom and the horizontal is 48°.

    i'm drawing a blank really, i don't know what to use as my pivot point.
    i had L(5400) - Lsin(32)FT + 1/2Lsin(48)3800=0
    then i solved for FT but it was wrong, can you help me, or show me where to go
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    the question wants to know what the force of the cables question is, and the lenght isn't defined but you can cancel it out right?
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    You posted in college help already. Don't double post.
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