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Homework Help: Rotational forces

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    Ok guys, I am a bit confused on this.
    Does anyone know a good site that has a list of equations for just this? (like angular velocity, etc?)
    Or even better, a website that TEACHES it?

    Like I seem to be running into 2 problems while doing this homework.
    First of all, some questions are like "ball on string being rotated around, creating force of blah, what is the mass" etc, but I dont know any equations that have mass in them related to this.
    The second issue is that I dont really understand angular velocity.

    If anyone could please help me with my questions above, that'd be great.
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    When the ball is being spun around the centripetal force that it experiences by the string pulling it (the tension in the string) towards the center of ratation (your hand), it (the ball) will pull just as hard back on the string (N3 action-reaction). This force is transmitted by the string to your hand. The string will therefore pull just as hard on your hand as the centripetal force it experiences.
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