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Homework Help: Rotational kinematics question

  1. Oct 27, 2008 #1
    A coin with a diameter of 1.50 cm is dropped on edge onto a horizontal surface. The coin starts out with an initial angular speed of 13.4 rad/s and rolls in a straight line without slipping. If the rotation slows with an angular acceleration of magnitude 2.03 rad/s2, how far does the coin roll before coming to rest?

    I know that wf^2 = wi^2 + 2a(dTheta) should be used, and I find theta to be 44.2 but the 44.2 is in rads, so how do i translate this into ms? What does the 1.50 diameter have to do with this problem?
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    How many radians to one revolution?

    What distance is that? Maybe think circumference plays a part?
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