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Homework Help: Rotational Kinematics

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    Hi! I'm not sure where to start on this question and I would be very thankful if somebody could help me on it:

    At a mini golf course, a golf ball passes through a windmill. The windmill has 8 blades and rotates at an angular speed of 1.25 rad/s. The opening between successive blades is equal to the width of a blade. A golf ball of diameter 4.50 x 10^-2 m is just passing by one of the rotating blades. What must the minimum speed of the ball be so it won't be hit by the next blade?
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    Hint 1: How long does it take the golf ball to travel 4.5 cm at a given speed?

    Hint 2: How long is the opening available for the ball to pass through?
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    Thank you guys for trying to help me! Now I'm gonna attempt to do it. :D
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