Rotational mechanics

  1. plz help me in solving ratational mechanics :uhh:. i am not able to understand where to apply moment of interia or torque acting on the body???:confused:

    i am a dropper & rotational is very important from iit(competitive exam) view. plzz help:frown
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    1. No one can help you if you do not have a SPECIFIC question.

    2. You should not expect a WHOLE LESSON on rotational mechanics on a public forum that you could have received in a class or from a textbook.

    3. If this is a homework/coursework related question, you should post it in the Homework/Coursework forum, not on here.

    4. Members on here are NOT allowed to give outright solutions and answers. You need to show them what you know, what you can do, and where exactly you got stuck. If you cannot do that, then no one will be able to help.

    5. Go easy on those unnecessary formatting. The LAST thing you want to do when you seek help is to resort to annoying, unneeded formatting.

    6. Read the PF Guidelines.

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    So, if I have understood you correctly, you do not understand where a particular force acts.

    This will usually be given, but it is helpful to remember that a force that acts equally strong on all parts of an object, like gravity and any fictititious forces, therefore can be regarded to act upon the centre of mass of the object.
  5. you should be particular in your question.Any way try basic problems from HC VERMA before you go to advanced level.
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