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Rotational motion (again)

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    One end of a meter stick is pinned to a table, so the stick can rotate freely in a plane parallel to the tabletop. Two forces, both parallel to the tabletop, are applied to the stick in such a way that the net torque is zero. One force has a magnitude of 1.90 N and is applied perpendicular to the length of the stick at the free end. The other force has a magnitude of 5.50 N and acts at a 27 degree angle with respect to the length of the stick. Where along the stick is the 5.50 N force apllied? Express this distance with respect to the end that is pinned.
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    Show your work so we can help you. Better yet, use the Homework Posting Template that you were provided.

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    sorry about that, but I figured out the problem on my own and the other question i had too.
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