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Rotational Motion

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    Hi guys, I have a few doubts on Rotational Motion and hope someone can help me out.

    This 3 formula is for finding angular velocity, angular acceleration and angular displacement right?

    And this 3 formula is for finding the linear velocity/acceleration/displacement in a angular shape?

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    If you have no problems on linear acceleration then then only thing that changes in rotational motion is that u becomes ω , a becomes α , x becomes θ .

    In both of your questions , the answer is yes .
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    Thank you ZxcvbnM2000 for the reply.

    I want to ask can I use this equation v=rω to find the angular velocity as well?
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    yes of course as long as you know the linear velocity and the radius ;p
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    Ok thank you for the explanation and help.

    Out of topic abit, if a rock is thrown downward from the top of a building, the velocity I can set it as -ve or +ve, and usually people set it to +ve for the working to be easier, am I right?
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    hi freshbox! :smile:
    only for constant acceleration (just like the linear case) :wink:
    s=rδ works only for constant ω

    the other two always work :smile:
    yes, so long as you're careful to adjust the sign of g to match :wink:
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    thank you tiny-tim for the explanation.
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