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Rotational Motion

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    Okay guys, I have a serious question. In our Physics class, we were discussing rotational motion. Someone asked the question "If we were falling in a room (we're floating) and someone started to spin the room, would we still be floating? Or would we hit the walls?" If anyone could help me with that, it would be greatly appreciated! I'm going to search the web for circular motion, but who knows what I'll find! Thanks!!
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    If you and the room were falling in gravitational field, so that you have no contact with the walls, and someone applied a force to the walls so as to make the room itself spin, you would NOT spin with it and, in particular, would no experience any "centrifugal force".

    (The air in the room next to the walls would experience some friction force which would cause the air in the room to start rotating (slowly) which would affect you eventually but that would be a very small effect.)
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