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Rotational–vibrational coupling scale model

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    You have to build it... and fly it into space on the Shuttle! Of course, you could build your own rocket or try to earn a ride on a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vomit_Comet" [Broken]
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    Wouldn't really work as a good model, considering the molecular vibrational states are quantized. (and we like to pretend rotational-vibrational coupling doesn't exist when constructing partition functions)

    But yeah, it's mostly just sticks.
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    @chemisttree: I'd be satisfied with 2D, and wouldn't complain about a little axial friction.

    @alxm: Ok, but it's still interesting even as a classical system. It isn't obvious for everyone to visualize just how the spring constant affects rotation. Or how rotation speed affects vibration amplitude.
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