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Rotative Gas Lift Flow Rate

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    Hi Everyone,

    I work with rotative gas lift systems, sizing the compressors (recip´s), I'm not that familiar with the oil well, though. I have a doubt regarding the gas flow going to the well. There is a new well which currently produces 0.4 MMscfd of gas and the client wants the system to be installed there, they requiere 0.7 MMscfd injection gas, I know as it is a closed system we can inject more than 0.4 MMscfd since we can "steal" some gas at the beginning and add it to the injection flowrate. I don´t understand this quite well though, I'm sort of confused with the produced gas being 0.4 Mmscfd and the injected 0.7 Mmscfd and, if the gas production is 0.4 MMscfd how much can be taken from it and added to the injection?

    Thanks in advance.
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