Rough Draft of Speech Done

Rough Draft of Speech Done!!!

Since so many of you guys have been helping me with my understanding of certain areas like Gr SR LQG and QM I figured you may want to see how your work payed off....

here is a link to a copy of the speech.

However if you perfer something with a little more formating there should be a link there directing you to where you can download it off of my main server.

Again I must personally thank these people for this.

SelfAdjoint-For answering all of my questions that I kept sending you
Marcus-Giving me explanation of LQG
Doc-Helping me learn how to pronounce Spinors lol
jcsd - for making sure i didn't use an example that really didn't show a paradox between QM and GR, since the collapse of the wave fuction of the elctron prohibits it.

Again thanks for all the help guys, especially Self

Well I am going to try to get some sleep be back tomorrow
then leaving wednesday... **** tomorrow is wednesday its 1:13 am

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