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RPM Calculation

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    As part of a much larger project im doing for fun, is it possible to calculate the RPM of a combustino engine from the Torque and Interia.

    Reason im asking is i have a dyno torque result and an engine torque result and i am trying to calcualte the speed. If anyone wants to know why or more information i'll happyily respond.

    Thanks In Advance

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    i have been generally told if i find net torque

    Engine Torque - Dyno Torque and then divide the answer by inertia, i'll have acceleration.

    Add these together for each time interval (1ms) ill have speed.

    Have i been told correctly?

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    Is this an engine test on a dyno? The engine torque and dyno torque should be the same; since there's no loss across a flywheel.

    Engine speed will be measured on a dyno test, you won't need to calculate this.
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