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RSA page

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    Anyone really good with RSA encryption/decryption? If you are, try http://www.rsa.com/rsalabs/node.asp?id=2093" [Broken]. Just remember to split half the money with me if you win.:biggrin:
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    I think the best bet would be to write some code to factor it, doing it by hand would take a rather long time :biggrin:

    I dont think being good with encryption would help either, I think that we would need some rather powerful PC's, or grids of PC's to do it.
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    Probably more than that.

    Like connect all the PC's together in the world or something.
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    :biggrin:. I wonder how the other people won. How does one decrypt RSA anyway?
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    trial and error
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    Just wait till I get my quantum compy.
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